Why Cast Iron Utensils Score Over Non Stick Pans

Cooking in iron utensils is the best way to make up for your  iron deficiency. 

We all know how easier cooking on a non-stick pan is as it scrapes food right off the bottom and saves oil. But suddenly there's a reverse trend in the swing talking about replacing the shiny ceramic coated utensils or non-stick cookware with thick cast iron utensils.

In her recent video nutrition expert Rujuta Diwekar talks about the benefits of cooking in iron bottom utensils. According to her cooking in cast iron or iron bottom utensils is the best way to compensate for your iron deficiency. Nonstick pans have a Teflon coating which, when heated release harmful chemicals known as PFCs leading to numerous health problems.

Cast iron pans on the other hand are natural, nonstick and chemical free, and they increase the iron content in the food. Besides, it is low maintenance and inexpensive too.

How Is Cast Iron Is Different From Regular Iron Utensils?