Fighting Inflammation with Herbs and Spices!

Consumption of all the necessary nutrients in equal propotions play a very crucial role in your well - being. Anti - inflammatory ingredients are needed to be included in your diet for a healthy lifestyle. Check out the life - transforming ingredients in our latest article!
Body's natural way of healing itself and fighting with infection is termed as inflammation. For fighting against the diseases, our body needs a strong immune system to combat the invading bodies. Have a look at the must - inclusive ingredients in your diet.

Health is Precious, protect it! To keep our bodies hale and hearty, we need to include some essential ingredients in our daily diet to make it immune against the diseases. Here are some of the foods that boosts your immunity, keeping you fit as a fiddle.

1. Turmeric -

Turmeric is notably known since ancient times due to its wide range of benefits and antioxidants present in it. Studies have shown that it has the potential of blocking the activation of NF - kB molecule, which activates inflammation promoting genes. It also aids in providing relief to the people suffering from oestoarthritis.

2. Ginger -

Ginger is well known since traditional times for its numerous health benefits. Due to its sweet and savoury flavour, it can be enjoyed in many forms such as pwdered, dry or fresh form. Ginger has anti - inflammatory and anti - fungal properties which help to boost your immune system and keep you healthy. 

3. Garlic -

 Garlic is widely known as a spice since ages due to its strong taste and smell. Most of the health benefits of garlic come from the sulphur compounds it contains such as diallyl sulphide ans allicilin. It has been scientifically proven that garlic intake reduces inflammation of blood levels drastically.

4. Rosemary -

 A delicious native - Mediterranean originated herb, Rosemary is said to have various health benefits. It has high concentration of polyphenols such as carnosic acid and rosmarinc acid, which helps control and reduce inflammation. It also helps reduce stiffness and increase mobility in human joints.

5. Cardamom -

Cardamom, commonly known as elaichi is a spice of South Asian origin. Studies show that consumption of cardamom on a regular basis reduces the inflamation and helps you remain fit.

6. Black Pepper -

Black Pepper, commonly known as the 'King of Spices", is majorly known to cure ailments such as gastric ailments, arthritis and diahhrea. An active compound, pepperin plays a crucial role in reducing inflammation in the human body. It also helps reduce redness and sneezing frequency.

You are what you eat! Eat healthy, stay robust.