The origin of Vada Pav

The Famous Vada Pav has a very unique and interesting story behind it. Read further to know more about Vada Pav and its origin. 
The famous street food has a very interesting story behind it. If you want to know more about it then don't stop reading this .

Vada Pav,  the famous street food of Mumbai. The go to food in the rains. The amazing feeling of having a Vada Pav and a cup of chai, sitting beside a window while watching the rains.  Ahh! The feeling is amazing! But let me tell you that the famous street food is originated in Mumbai it self. It has become the identity of Mumbai. Bombay, as it was originally named, is a busy city from the start. Everything works on the clock. Time is given utmost important in Mumbai. People are always in a hurry. They hardly have time to sit and eat a meal. Vada Pav makes it easier for them to carry it and have it while travelling too. 

Talking about its origin, it is originated in Mumbai itself. The famous Ashok Vaidya of Dadar had originated it in 1966. Ashok Vaidya had a stall of street food. But when he noticed that people here in Mumbai are always in hurry he decided to make something that is very handy and easy to eat while travelling also a filling meal. Later he made his thought a reality and came up with this dish called Vada Pav. Masala i.e tge stuffing of the Vada is made from aloo or potato. The covering is made with besan batter. Three chutneys play an important role in this dish. The green chutney made from green chillies, coriander leaves and pudina is spicy.  The tamarind chutney is sweet and sour. And red powder chutney made with peanuts, dry coconut and red chilli powder stands out of them all. Small balls are made from the aloo masala they are coated in the batter and are deep fried. The crispy dumpling is then stuffed between a pav which is layered with three chutneys on both the side. Mumbaikars absolutely loved the concept and Vada Pav from then on become famous.

Talking about the recipe of the Vada Pav, it is made by giving a tadka of mustered seed, cumin seeds along with ginger-garlic paste and turmeric. The boiled and mashed potatoes are added to the tadka with salt as per taste. Balls are made from this mixture which are fried after coating them in besan batter. Lucious vada is stuffed in between the pav after applying a thick layer of the delicious chutneys. It is served hot.

Vada Pav is not only easy to carry and eat but it is also a filling meal. Vasa Pav will always remain the famous and go to food for Mumbaikars.