Add these healthy fats for the unlimited benefits they come with

 Fats are both harmful and beneficial to your health.

People think that fats are bad for your health as they might make you fat, but what goes unknown that when eaten in the right amounts, the right fats are very beneficial for your health. The question arises which fats are beneficial and healthy for our health.

Oil companies claim that their refined oil is free from cholesterol but what needs to be known is that vegetable oils contain Omega 6 fatty acids that get converted into bad cholesterol by the action of the liver and cause inflammation.

Claiming that the oil is sourced from plants, clearly states due to the absence of organ-like liver in plants, cholesterol can’t be produced in plants and thus the claim to an extent stands correct.

Nutritionists suggest that consuming nut-based oils and cow milk and products can be a source of good fats. Ghee is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are extremely beneficial for the heart, reduces inflammation and to an extent prevent heart attack. So adding ghee can be a good option for its various health benefits.

Nuts, chia seeds, whole eggs and avocados are other great sources of good fats that add to the health of our body. Keep a look at what goes inside your body and that would surely yield positive results. Consuming good fats would prevent many health issues and would allow you to live much longer.