After 2016, next Ebola outbreak epidemic in Guinea, WHO tries to help them out!

Next Ebola Outbreak in Guinea, WHO tries to help them out with vaccines.
Five people have reportedly died in Guinea due to the Ebola Outbreak, neighbouring countries are on high alert and have been asked to maintain precautions.

According to the sources, the Ebola epidemic broke out Guinea on Monday. Till date, Guinea has ten suspected patients and there are five deaths already that have been caused due to this deadly virus in the southeast of the West African Nation on Tuesday.

The Health Ministry of Guinea is bent on finding the sources of this deadly virus after years. It has been found that 115 contacts were from the country Nzerekore, a country in south east and 10 in the capital Conakry since the day of breakout of the virus, .i.e. Sunday. 

This deadly Ebola Virus causes organ failiure and severe bleeding throughout the body, when it comes in contact with the body fluids. Hence, the Government of Guinea is much more prepared from the last time this epidemic broke out .i.e. in the year 2013 - 2016 in West Africa. 

When the virus broke out on Monday, WHO warned Guinea and Democratic Rebuplic of Congo of its regional risk and has asked them to take all precautionary measures to be safe from the deadly virus. The neighbouring coasts such as Sierra Lionne, Ivory Coast and Mali fear the spreasd of this disease in their countries since their healthcare systems are under - funded.