Aloe Vera - The all rounder companion

Have you ever wondered why aloe - vera is a must go - to in every skin care, hair care and weight loss routines? Well, here we are with your answer!
Aloe - vera can also be named as an all - rounder plant. The plant possess a lot of qualities, which help you enhance your lifestyle. Lets have a quick peak into the benefits associated with aloe vera.

Aloe vera, one of the oldest plants, is well - known for its incredible benefits for skin care, hair care and weight loss. Lets discuss how does it benefit us!

1. Aloe Vera for weight loss -

Aloe Vera has innumerable protein, enzymes, minerals and amino acids which can greatly contribute in your weight loss journey. It improves the blood flow regulation of the body and also boost your immunity. Not denying the fact that the aloe vera juice is bitter in taste, we'll you a hack to drink it in a slightly better way :

Dice the aloe vera gel and blend it properly. Mix it with the fruit juice of any sweet flavoured fruit. If yoy still find it bitter, you can take it either with honey or with lemon water.

2. Aloe Vera for skin care -

According to the reputed dermatologists, aloe vera is found to have Vitamin C, E and beta carotenes, which is well known for having anti - ageing qualities. The skin care products available at the market place does not suit all skin types. Surprisingly, aloe vera does! Although the way of application for all the skin types must be different, it is beneficial to all of them.

   (A) Dry Skin Care : Mixing aloe vera, with a tinch of turmeric, a teaspoon of milk, few drops of rose water and a teaspoon of honey. Blend it well. Apply it on your face and wipe it off after 20 minutes. 

   (B) Oily Skin Care : Applying a thin layer of pure aloe vera before going to bed and rinsing it off in the morning can give amazing results.

   (C) Aloe Vera for Acne - Blend the aloe vera gel properly with some grinded waluts along with honey. This paste contains anti - oxidants, which will leave you with super smooth skin.

   (D) Sensitive Skin Care - Make a paste of aloe vera gel, some yoghurt, cucumber juice and rose oil. Rinse it off post 20 minutes.

3. Aloe Vera for Healthy Hair - 

Aloe Vera contains proteolytic enxymes, which helps repair the scalp, making your hair roots stronger. All you have to do is apply aloe vera gat on your scalp after you wash your hai and let it dry. Moreover, if you use any hair mask before washing your hair, do not forget to add aloe vera!