COVID19 : "Clash of 2 Ecosystems"


by Ashish Kalra

BS(UT Austin), Masters(Cornell), MBA(University of Chicago)

The Current Pandemic has been devastating; killing over 4million Humans and spreading to over 240 Countries. There has been alot of conjecture that it is a Lab Virus, which is void (see following section). It is from an Animal Host being transferred to Humans. Then there is an "optimal transmission" mechanism by which the Virus spreads "Human Mouth to Mouth" using [(Animal-Human) Transmission +(Human-Human) raise to N Transmission] using Aerosol Transmission (please see Section 3). This is the "Optimality of the Virus". It is not spreading for eg Nipah Virus, where 50-75 people got infected by eating Bat infected Pigs; but the spread of the Virus is similar to SARS, there is "exponential transmission" in Humans. In the case of COVID19, the Virus spread because of Chinese Nationals post New Year travelled to the United States, Europe and Iran, 5-6 flights per day to the respective Country. Each person from Wuhan has the capability to infect say 50 people in the Aircraft, who in turn infects 100 people "each" at the Airport and so on. So a single passenger can infect 350,000 people as a result. This is the Design of the Virus for "Optimality". Exponential Transmission.

2020 : "COVID19 : Why the Lab Theory is Void"

In my previous article in The Times of India, July 14, "Why the Lab Theory is Bogus", I made 8 convincing arguments as to why the virus has come from an Animal Host. Most important is reputed Scripps Institute Biologist who concludes, "Virus must have arisen by natural selection, not manipulation". "Research would have calculated the strongest possible fit between the Human ACE2 receptor and the Spike Protein with which the virus latches onto it. Anderson summarizes, that the SARS2 Spike Protein is not of the calculated best design, and hence it cannot be "manipulated".  Further, "Anyone manipulating the SARS2 virus would probably have used any of those known backbones & since SARS2 is NOT derived from any of them, "therefore it was not manipulated". This is the best evidence. (2)The COVID19 was clearly from an Animal (see below)- origins from a Pangolin/Badger/Rabbit (Cluster of Excellent Articles by Page & Hinshaw, WSJ, February 9) (3) Faye Flam of Bloomberg in a superb article alludes to the "furin cleavage site", that allows the virus to hijack a protein in our cells called "furin" to activate itself. Other viruses have similar methods.


There was the Deadly Avian Flu in 1959 in China (H2N2) Virus which was caused due to Human Consumption of Ducks (Source: Center for Disease Control). By the time the second wave had ended, the Virus had infected between 250million to a Billion people & killed between 1-4 million people (Source : The CoronaVirus, Dr Rajesh Parikh, 2020). Same thing with SARS. Different Animal = Civets in SARS (2002/2003). Same thing with MERS (Camels, 2012/13). Schematic shown below explains the  (H-H Transmission).


2. 7 mn Birds killed in H5N8 outbreaks in Europe and America (Dec 25-Jan4)

James Gorman in an excellent article in the New York Times "A new Bird Flu jumps to Humans", April 21, 2021 highlights that over 7mn Birds have been killed in H5N8 Outbreaks in Europe and Asia. Gorman cites Dr Richard Webby, Flu Specialist at the St Jude Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences who posits : All H5 Viruses are of concern". Further, he cites "that they have the same sort of binding capacity to Human Cells.


3. Bird Flu (H5N8 ) in Russia ; 800,000 Chickens killed ; Spreads to Humans"

Another violent Bird Flu Strain breaks out in Russia. Identified as the H5N8 strain of Avian Flu. 800,000 Chicken slaughtered to halt the spread of the virus. It is noted that for the first time that the Virus spreads to Humans. According to Gorman of the New York Times, 7 of the workers appeared to be infected with the Virus. Dr Florian Krammar reminds us that during the H7N9 Virus in 2013, there were 1500 confirmed cases & 600 deaths.

4. "China reports  "Human Case" of Bird Flu Strain,  Spreads to Humans"

Last month, the Economic Times reported the first Human Infection of the H10N3 bird flu strain because of Human Consumption of Chicken, according to the Chinese National Health Commission. They described H10N3 as not so pathogenic; but that is debateable. Could have ramifications similar to SARS.


For the last 100 years. (Mad Cow Disease: Human consumption of CATTLE), (H5N1, H5N8 caused due to Human Consumption of Chicken); Avian Flu in China, 1959: Human Consumption of Ducks; (Source:CDC) , Deadly SARS Virus in 2002-03 due to Human Consumption of Civets (Robert Roos, "Science" June 29, 2020) and now COVID19 due to Human Consumption of Pangolin/Ferret Badgers in 2020 (Page,WSJ, Feb 9 + Dr Rasmussen)


THEORY OF ANIMAL VIRUSES :[A-H] +[H-H Transmission] raise to N

As shown in "Why Bat Coronaviruses are necessary" (Times of India, Kalra, June 10) there are various kinds of Animal Viruses like Asian Flu (Human  Consumption of Ducks, Swine Flu (Pigs), Hendra (Horses), Ebola (Bats), SARS (Civets), MERS (Camels) and COVID19(Pangolin/Badgers). These Viruses have been caused by Human Consumption of these respective Animals. Also in this Article, I have shown using Perlman & Fehr's Theory of Coronaviruses (PMID: 25720466; Coronaviruses : an overview of their replication and pathogenesis) the deadly affects of Human Consumption of Cattle & Pigs (causes Entiritis) and Respiratory problems in Chicken. This gets transferred to Humans on consumption even if the chickens are "vaccinated" ("Mexican poultry producers could circulate at low levels in vaccinated chicken, without giving itself away by causing symptoms", Pg 131, COVID19 by Deborah Mackenzie).


There is Animal to Human Transmission taking place. Now, it does not stop there. There is Human to Human Transmission, sometimes raise to N. This means that not only the person who is Non-Vegetarian is affected, but others as well are affected and killed. For eg in the Asian Flu Pandemic over 2 million perished. Over 4mn Human Beings have perished in COVID19. The above arguments is the "primary reason" to disrupt the Animal Food Chain.

7. Bat Coronaviruses enforce that the strong lines of demarcation between different Ecosystems.

When Cannibals eat Human Beings, they get Brain Disease. When Human Beings eat Animals, dangerous Viruses like Ebola, Asian Flu, SARS, MERS and Pandemics like COVID19 happen!

8. Human Beings are designed to be "VEGETARIAN".

Carnivores gulp water down, Herbivores and Man use their lips to swallow water. Carnivores have much LARGER Kidneys to flush out poisonous Meat , while Herbivores and Man have much smaller kidneys. Carnivores have small Intestines, while Herbivores and Man have much larger Intestines. Carnivores have 10x the amount of Hydrochloric Acid as compared to Herbivores & Human Beings.

Net net, this is a "Clash of 2 Ecosystems" - Human Beings and Animals. Human Beings cannot encroach on the Animal Ecosystem. Different Ecosystems. Dangerous Viruses like Ebola, Asian Flu, SARS, MERS & COVID19 Pandemic happen if we encroach on the Animal Ecosystem. Period.


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