Do You Know About PostPartum Depression?

Postpartum Depression is a serious disorder suffered by the mother after giving birth to a newborn. 
Postpartum is a period after the child is born where the mother's body returns to her pre-pregnant state and her body goes through physical and emotional change.

Postpartum Depression (PPD) is a disorder which affects some of the mothers after pregnancy. The mother who gave birth to a child goes through various emotions like mood swings , anxiety , deep sadness ,exhaustion , difficulty in sleeping.

Symptoms of this disorder can cause discomfort to the mother's skills. It can become a hindrance between the mother's love and care for themselves and their newborn. 

Hormonal changes in women's post pregnancy is normal for two weeks. But if it continues for many weeks then there's a possibility that the disorder may be present. Baby Blues are nothing in comparison to this depression. Baby Blues can be easily solved But PPD mainly affects the extreme health condition which needs to be diagnosed and treated. 
Symptoms of Baby Blues are Mood Swings , Sadness , Grumpiness , Overwhelmedness , Concentration , Appetite Issues . Most of the Symptoms are similar but in an intense manner like Excessive Crying , Difficulty in Bonding with the Baby ,Guilt ,Anxiety , Withdrawing Themselves from Family and Friends , Loss of Appetite , Much of Eating , Overwhelming , Loss of Energy, Reduced Interest in the Enjoyable Environment , Anger , Feelings of Hopelessness , Worthlessness, Panic Attacks , Thoughts of Harming yourself or the baby , Thoughts of Death , Suicide , Fear of not being a good mother and Insomnia. 
If it's untreated , it can last longer for more than months or even longer. It can be cured if proper instructions and treatment is taken from the doctor after and during pregnancy. Mild Depression can be managed by various Therapies and Counseling . Even doctors can recommend antidepressants after or even during pregnancy. Even Medication and Reaching out with loved ones can also help to feel better. 
Not Only Mothers but Fathers can also suffer this disorder. Fathers who are young or have faced relationship problems in the past or are struggling financially can experience this disorder. They have the same symptoms as the mother and can be treated , Similarly.