How to boost your immune system?

Ever wondered why do you fall sick often? Or what supplements do your diet lack due to which you fall prey to dieases easily? This supposedly happens due to the low immune power your body posses. We here bring to you a list of supplements that helps you boost your immunity!
Although none of the below mentioned foods is a complete cure for any disease, the following supplements can be added to your diet in order to boost your immunity and provide resistance against the diseases.

Immune system is a complex collection of that prepares your body against the invasion of pathogens. Building strong immunity is one of the important keys that unlock your path towards a healthy life. Consuming a balanced diet and having adequate amount of sleep are some of the crucial aspects to boost your immunity. Let's have some insights on the other supplements that help us enhance our immune system - 

1.  Vitamin C -
Vitamin C supports the functions of the immune cells and also boost their ability to protct you against infections. It is also a very powerful oxidant which protects the body against the damages caused due to the oxiadative stress. Consumption of Green Veggies, tomatoes and green and red peppers can help you include Vitamin C in your diet.

2.  Garlic -

Garlic is considered to be the miraculous foods due to its properties. Due to its anti - viral and anti - infammatory properties, it enhance the immunity by protecting the white blood cells. 

3. B Complex Vitamins -

Vitamns B12 and B6 are highly required by the body for a strong immune system. Yet, most of the population is deficiet in B complex vitamins, due ti which they fall prey to the ailments sooner than the rest of the people. Foods such as Citrus Fruits, salmon, leafy vegetables, egg, milk and dairy products are enriched with Vitamin B.

4. Vitamin D - 

Vitamin D is as well one of the most important supplements that plays it's part in boosting your immunity. It is a fat soluble Vitamin, which enhances the pathogen fighting effects and makes your body immune to diseases. Inclusion of Vitamin D in your daily diet can also help you prevent respiratory tract infections and diseases. Inclusion fo egg yolk, cereals, red meat and cheese in your daily diet will help.

5. Zinc -

Zinc plays a very crucial role in the immune cell development as well as inflamatory responses of your body. It is also added to most of the healthcare products and the lozenges that help to boost your immune system. Zinc rich foods that can be added to your diet are crab, wheat, nuts, whole grains and pork.