How to get glowing skin with morning skin care routine?

Do you also dream of a glowing skin by following a certain specific routine but cannot get hold of how to proceed? No worries! Team NewsLati has brought to you your go - to skin routine which will assist you step by step!
The basic hack that one has to keep in mind is that the products must be applied from the lightest to heaviest whil applying them on your face. 

The skin care regimen varies from person to person. Moreover, it also depends on the climate you reside in. Yet, there are some basic hacks that can be effortlessly followed by you under any situation!

1. Do not use any skincare product as soon as you are out of the bed -

Overnight, there are many dust particles that get accumulated on your face. Using any skincare immediately after you wake - up might cause irritation to your skin. Instead, just splash some cold water on your face which will not just help you cleanse your face but will also help you become more fresher in the morning!!

2. Hydrosol -

Hydrosols can applied to your face since it acts a water - barrier for your skin. Hyrosols contain small amounts of essential oils such as rose oil and lavender oil, which penetrates deeps into the skin. An alternative that can be usedfor hydrosols is the rose water, which can be generally mixed with a tinch of lavender oil.

3.  Serums and actives -

Once hydrosols get settled on your skin, you can proceed with the application of serum. Applying serum on your face helps it glow and also tend to work on certain issues which help to bring a glow to your skin. Let the serum sink into the skin for a few minutes and apply actives followed by the application of serum. Let the actives settle as well for a few minutes which will seal the products which are applied next.

4. Mositurise -

While opting for a moisturizer, tend to opt for a heavy one, since it will help you relax, making it a mini - face massage as you apply it. Try to keep the strokes in the upward direction while applying it.

5. Apply Sun Screen -

Sun Screen must always be applied after the moisturizer as when you step out, your skin tends to get damaged or pigmented due to the sun. Sun Screen will act as a barrier and protect your skin from the harmful UV Rays.