Is it possible to be Happy & Positive All the time?

The End Goal of Life is Happiness, Isn't it?

What do we live for?  Money? fame? Love? Friendships?

We think that we live for these but ultimately if you see all this leads to happiness or sorrow of your life. We constantly question & think why can't I be happy all the time like others who i see on social media & again get sad. Answer to all of this is really simple but not digestable yet because of the wrong beliefs & understanding that we have inculcated throughout our lives. we set standpoints as to be happy, like I will get happy when I achieve this particular thing or I will get happy if this happens. So is the mindset an issue or others? Or as we say we are not happy beacuse life is unfair. By this mentality can we be happy & positive all the time?

Is it really possible to do that? The answer to this is Maybe, not yes or no. Because Life is Grey not black & white, it all depends on the mindset we make & how we sail through it. Feelings & thoughts are temporary & that is the only understanding that is going to get you through. Don't believe me? Try this out, try to hold an emotion or a thought which bothers you the most, You won't be able to. It is like a flow, there is a constant argument going on during bad times which further leads to more bad time. Is it worth your time?  When you will be on your deathbed would you be looking at how much money you made Or you will remember the Joy you perceived in life? If you are having a standpoint mentality for happiness & positivity, you will see an empty shallow life of unfulfilled desires & smiles. You even lost that notebook of yours in which you got Very good Good or Excellent as a remark, you were the one to throw it away because that joy passed & hence it wasn't important. Are we in love with Pain? Why do we hold it? 

If you want to ask more right questions to yourself & get some really helpful tips on life, watch this youtube video.