Warning! Stop Eating Delicious French Fries to Avoid these Side Effects

A study shows that your favorite French Fries have an adverse effect on you in the long term and can indeed be risky if you continue having them..

One of the addictive food items among the millennials, French Fries have been warned not to be eaten.

If you are a lover of French fries and have them often, here’s a piece of important information for you. Having them in more quantity paves way for many health issues and can even lead to an early death.

A study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which was done on a group of 4500 showed that if you consume fries two or more times a week, it can double the chance of early death. Scientists prove the culprit of this fact to be the oils in which they are fried rather than the potatoes.

Consisting of Fats, fries are difficult to digest and a further study shows that consuming fried stuff increases the chances of you having stomach problems due to the slow digestion of fats.

They have a higher value of trans-fat, increasing the bad cholesterol in your body, reducing the good ones. Having more trans-fat in your body increases the chances of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia by 75%. These foods increase the unhealthy bacteria in your body, ultimately damaging your immunity.

The biggest fear of having fired stuff is that it increases the chances of Heart attack or stroke by 7% if you consume them three or more times a week. Additionally, due to the high-calorie content, people tend to move towards obesity and observe sudden weight gains.