What are the Health Benefits of Ghee?

From the traditional times, Ghee, is famously known for its various health benefits. Down the time, as people started becoming health conscious, Ghee started losing its importance since people had mistaken it for as an ingredient which caused weight gain. In this article, we'll wave of your illusions.
Ghee has many health benefits and especially for the fitness freaks, you DO NOT gain weight due to ghee. Contrary to the fact that it increases weight, it makes your bones stronger and also enhances your immunity.

Ghee, even today is prefered more by the older generation than the new ones. This is one of the major reasons the elderly people are fitter and healthier than the young people.

1. Ghee is a nutritional powerhouse - 

Ghee is enriched with fat - soluble Vitamins  A, D, E and K. These vitamins from ghee help in the absorption of the other vitamins in the body that come from various other foods. Moreover, they are crucial for a wide range body functioning, ranging from the brain to the body functions.

2. Completely Natural and Pure -

Ghee does not contain any adultrated and unnatural trasn fats, preservatives and additives. It can stay fresh all year round without any refrigeration in an air - tight container. Many families have also reported that they have preserved ghee, which about a century old.

3. Contains Heart - Healthy Fats - 

Although it is a fact that ghee has a high concentration of fats, this fat is healthy for heart. It contains Omega - 3s, which is known to promote a healthy heart and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Studies have also suggested that the people staying in the rural areas have a healthier heart than the ones residing in the urban areas, solely due to the fact that they have a higher ghee intake in their day to day lives.

4. Has Cancer - Fighting agents -

Studies and researches have shown that ghee contains conjugated linolic acids, since it is a derivative of butter. It is mainly known for combating cardiovascular dieases as well as is responsible for a healthy and a happy heart.

5. Has Anti - Inflammatory properties -

Butyrate, a fatty acid which is well - kniw to reduce swellings and inflammation is found excessively in ghee. It helps reduce the inflammation and hence isused in ayurvedic medicines as well. It aslo repairs the lining of the stomach, which helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.