What do your nails say about your health?

Ever wondered how do you check your overall health without actually visiting a doctor? Yes, your nails can help you examine yourself and speak about your health. Check out the article about what do your nails want to convey about your health!
Ever wondered why the nails of every indivisual appears different? Or perhaps why do they have different kinds of shapes and coloured lines on them? This article will provide you answers to all your questions!

Healthy nails of a person depicts a overall health lifestyle. The appearance of nails change when there are either any deficiencies in your body or your nails are trying to convey some important message to you!

1. Peeling off of the nails -

The extrenal trauma caused to the nails usually cause this condition. It can also be caused due to the deficiency of iron. To distinguish whether it is an internal defect or external, check out your toe nails. If your toe nails are peeling of as well, you need to increase the iron - rich foods such as lentils, fortified cereals or red meat in your diet.

2. White spots on your nails -

Small white spots that appear on your nails usually signify zinc deficiency in your body. To combat this, you can increase the amount of zinc intake in your daily routine. According to sources, 30 milligram of zinc intake per day is a must. Apart from this, the white spots can also indicate injury to your nail or a fungal infection as well.

3. Weak nails or softened nails -

These kinds of nails break very easily or they get bent whenever hit by an object. This defect is usually caused due to the overexposure of the nails to chemicals like nail polish and detergents. The second common reason is the deficiency of vitamin B and calcium in your body. Try involving more calcium rich and Vitamin rich foods in your diet.

4. Yellowing of nails -

Yellowing of nails are relatively common than the rest of the nail conditions. It can be caused due to a prolonged use of a product such as nail polish or an infection in your nail. The solution to fix this is tea tree oil or the intake of mulivitamin, which will help you to tackle the nail infections.

5. Brittle Nails -

Nails become rough or they start splitting generally when they are exposed to water more frequently. This condition is also called onyochoschizia,which is usually seen more often in women. The solution to this is either wear gloves while working under water or apply lotion to your nails to keep them moisturised. If this does not work, consult a doctor as it can also be symptom of iron deficiency.