How to reduce stress?

The stress levels have hiked up like never before during the Corona Virus Pandemic, affecting millions of people worldwide. Although necessary medication can help combat stress, here are some ways to manage and reduce stress levels. 
Either you are a college going student or an employee at a company or even a house maker, stress is everywhere. Excessive stress hampers our thinking and work processing abilities. Here are a few ways you can combat stress and get relaxed at regular intervals!

Is stress overpowering your ability to work? Not anymore! Her ear e a few tips and tricks that will not only help you combat stress but also reduce it.

1. Organise - 

Stress can sink deep into your life if you stay unorganised. You will not be able to concentrate on your tasks if you remain overwhelmed constantly due to your surroundings.

In ordrer to combat this, you can manage and organise your tasks. Sit calmly and prepare a to - do list. Preparing the list will not only help you oranise your work but also lay the tension off your head of doing 10 different things. Moreover, keeping your workplace clean and organised can help you.

2. Meditate - 

Meditation helps your mind relax and make it calm. Meditation is the scientific way of decreasing stress and enhancing your mental well - being. Trying meditation and mindfulness can change the way you reciprocate to things in your day - to - day lives.

3. Excercise - 

Excercise helps to boost your body metabolism. It helps release endorphins,which makes you feel better. You feel refreshed and energised after exercising. Yet, if you do not have time for excercising, jut try to walk,run, jump and do some squats. And, you are all set!

4. Give time to yourself -

Working continously and leaving no slots reserved for yourself can make you agitated and a lot of stress gets piled up. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, even at your workplace, try listening to some music or talking to your collegue. This will definitely make you feel better and boosted up. Moreover, try going out on weekends and get some time to play. This will help to destress yourself and get back to your routine more focused.

5. Most importantly, Breathe - 

Becoming stressful has a direct impact on your breathing pattern.You tend to take shorter breathes, resuting in less oxygen intake and circulation than usual. When stressed out, take a dfew deep breathes, which will help you destress. Slow breathing can help you calm down, slow down your heart rate and relax your muscles.