How to start your mornings?

Mornings are the most productive part of the day. It is the time when you let go off everything that happened yesterday, all triumphs and disasters and think about the difference that you can feasibly bring today.


An opportunity to reverse back things to good, and start from the beginning is very wanted. Taking all the good things from yesterday, and learning from all the mishaps always opens the door for more work and much more enthusiasm to bring a change that suits the current perception.

Mornings should always be happening. You need to wake up with an ambition of achieving something adding onto the prestige, a little sigh of compassion to behave a little more-like human today, and a satisfaction to have found an opportunity.

As you wake up, sit on the floor touching mother-earth, close your eyes and envision all the positive changes, elongate the compassion and rejuvenate the whole system.

Gratitude is a very important aspect of morning. The fact that you woke-up alive, all-fine, breathing well and ready to conquer should be enough to make you feel grateful and loved. A lot of people did not get-up this morning, a lot of them lost someone too close to their existence, so whatever you have on your plate, you have to cherish each element of it. The moment you feel grateful, you can sense the positive energy that will drive you towards better things in the day.

Honouring the body is another important aspect of a healthy start. How do you do that? Move it in a rhythm that imparts the energy your body needs to function well all day. You can go out for a run, practise yoga, perform Zumba and anything and everything that makes your body feel good. Exercises make your body feel good! Your body does a lot of work for you the entire time you breathe. In return, it is your responsibility to honour your body with elements that will nurture it. Just enjoy the freedom of movement and all that your body has gifted you and move it in a flow that feels the best.

Whatever you do, make sure that it adds-in a considerable amount to your morning productivity. Mornings are supposed to be the initial phase when you create the mood that you have to carry all day long. Make sure that you don’t end up pivoting the whole thing into a direction that compromises growth and well-being.

Start Well! Start Positive!