Are you bored with your old decor? Here are some amazing ways to decorate your house with plants!


Plants always have a fresh and an aesthetic appeal, it brings life to surroundings. Adding plants to your home decor is not only today's trend but also makes your space more breathable, soothing, and refreshing. A perfect combination of plants with a few home accessories will transform your dull place into a heavenly home. some of the common indoor plants that grow effortlessly are Rubber plants Anthurium, Snake plant, Peace lily, Pothos, Philodendron, crotons, etc. So, Let's get green!

1. Bedroom decor 

The bedroom is a very essential part of the house, it should be a place where you relax and have a good night's sleep. Adding plants to your bedroom can not only bring fresh and soothing vibes to it but can also help you get a good night sleep. It has a very positive impact on the subconscious mind that helps you feel nature's touch. 

bedroom decor


2. Living area 

Plants as the decor element are in trend these days. No matter how far you live from nature, these beautiful indoor plants always bring little happiness. These green friends bring you fresh air and also additional compliments from friends and family. 

living room decor

   3. Balcony 

Living away from home in metro cities always makes us homesick and hence balconies are the most important places to spend quality time. Adding green buddies to your balconies can make it your favorite place to enjoy your coffee or start your yoga!

balcony decor

4. Study room

The green color is known to bring more positivity and coolness to the environment. So, this is the perfect time to  fill your boring study room with positivity and calmness so that you can focus better

study decor

5. Kitchen

Our food isn't complete without greens, so is our kitchen. Add beautiful indoor plants to your kitchen to add a lively element to it. Plants are very good air purifiers and mood boosters. 

kitchen decor