Rejuvenate yourself with the following plants!! 

Plants are a boon for the survival of mankind. Each one of us is aware about the wonders the plants do. Maybe, we are unaware about some of them like they help to boost your brain power and enhance your mood. Surprised, right? 
Did you know apart from providing oxygen and food, plants help to create a positive vibe around us! Being in touch with the nature helps us to keep ourselves happy and boost our brain power. Check out the plants that help you cast this magical aura around you!

Plants at work place or at our homes look incredible talking in terms of decor. But, did you knw that they help you rejuvenating yourself and get relaxed? Plants help us boost the dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin production in our body, which helps you feel refreshed and destressed. If you are a plant lover, you definitely need to have the following plants at your home - 

1. Roses : -

Roses help your mind get cleared, making you feel relaxed and more focused than before. Roses can not only perfectly fit into your work area but also are really beneficial for homes as well!

2. Lavender : - 

Being in the company of Lavender, you feel calm and relaxed. This is an excellent stress - buster and also enhances the quality of your sleep. Lavender is the perfect choice for your bedroom, since it has theraputeic values as well!

3. Rosemary : - 

Wanna improve concentration at work or be more productive during your study hours? Rosemary is the perfect match for you! The scent is known to improve your memory and helps you keep focused.

4. Boston Fern : -

This plant is known as the "Air Purifier Plant". It not only removes the harmful pollutants from air but also helpsin removing moisture from your workplace or your home.

5.  Peace Lily  :- 

Peace lily, an asthetically pleasing plant, is of spiritual importance to many out there. It can alsoneutralise natural gases and purify the air around you.

6. Lemongrass:-

Are you also sick of the pests that constantly nudge you while you are typing an important mail or mugging up an important concept? Not anymore. Keep lemongrass around you which will help to keep pests away from you.

7. Orchids :-

The vibrant flowers help create a positive aura around you, the kind of one which everyone craves for! The sweet scent also helps you enhance your mood and trigger your emotions for good.