5 Hints that a person is not at all interested in even talking to you.

How are you pushing away people who could have been your friends?

Have you often wondered that you are all nice,sweet & helpful to someone & 'that someone' is still behaving weird?

Well maybe there are certain traits of you which creep them out. Is being way too nice & not understanding what other person wants, good for you? You believe in the statements like -"Behave like you are trying to win them & that's how you are never going to lose them". Then this reflects as a red sign for people around you,because despite their continuous disinterest towards you, you have been chasing them which ultimately led them to distance themselves from you. 

5 Red signs you show-

1. You message/text them first always by taking interest in what are they upto & they only text you when there's some professional thing involved. Otherwise, they just reply to your messages in yes, no, ok (or their hindi versons like acha,thik hai etc). That also they do to just acknowledge you so that you don't feel bad & back off but instead you continue to do so.

2. You unnecessarily forcibly try to help them , even if they constantly deny your help & never even ask for your help.

3. You send them posts, memes & they hardly react on them but you continue to do so & take it as a means to talk to them & know about their life.

4. You interfere in their life by doing things they have told you, to not do, like stop invading their social & personal life by trying to know things which don't affect you or are not relevant to you. For eg.-ordering them to change their DP on whatsapp because you don't like it, whatever they do...you want them to consult you, you want to know every personal or professional decision they make even though they don't consider you a friend & have told you etc & the list goes on.

5. You just want to be in their life & for that you have shown all the above 4 red signs leading them to think you have no self-respect whatsoever, because no matter how lovingly or harshly they explain you things or get angry you just don't care & that is your definition of having someone in your life which really means that you are losing them day by day even as a friend.

If all 5 signs are there,then congratulations my friend you have drastically pushed that person away who could have been your lifelong friend.

If you feel this article helped you out ,for further understanding small basic things about people & life, watch the below youtube video.