Are you in a charred relationship with yourself?

If you have hit the late twenties, Are you just there? Breathing but not living!

Breathing but not living. Isn't this the truth of all the people who start hitting reality in late thirties?

Friends are starting to get married, colleagues are getting raises,you have loved but your pieces instead have broken into more & more pieces of you, your best friend who you thought is going to be forever is not there anymore,the dream world has been shattered & there you are with bills to pay,no one to talk to or feel your pain. Getting yourself isolated day by day & indulging in web series, TV shows , films which mean nothing to you but are better representations of life to you & hence the pleasure. Getting cozy in your own thoughts & saying things to yourself that you think are constructing your relationship with yourself but ultimately detaching from everything that's part of life(friendships,love), living.

Just breathing for the sake of family, aren't we? Maybe because we took the message from the movie 3 idiots, which is good but is it enough? 

Whether its your parents or your friends , relatives to anyone who think they know you closely, do they? Or they have some perspectives based on their experiences of life & they judge you & you store those judgements as a part of yourself in your mind & keep on destructing what really is there.

Where your eyes should be your mirror, isn't the smartphone which clearly is smarter than you(because it is programmed to play with your mind & you let it), the mirror for you to make comparisons of what you were to achieve by this age & how others left you behind in that rat race?

When you were a child you were at the factory reset & now you are afraid to even think about resetting because that's scary for you, instead you keep settling in the things deep down you don't want to get settled.

WHY? Because its paining you but not to that extent that you jump,you take charge. It is a comfort zone in which you are okay with your charred self,you don't want to ask the right questions & really work on it. You are breathing through the remains of the soul you think is torn by others which is really not true because you had the voice in you to teach you understanding of self & others but you use that voice in isolating yourself & escaping the reality.

Think today,is it good what you are doing with yourself? 

Find your Ressurection stone within you & to build your understanding more follow the Youtube Channel- Life Jockey - Life Tips & Poetry