Social Media- A Boon or A bane?

The world we are experiencing today is totally captivated digitally. Everything seems to function online. The offline world is missing majorly, sometimes it seems way too unrealistic, but nevertheless, this is the time we are living in.


You will find more friends online rather than offline. It is interesting to live in a world of innovation, but excess of anything seems overpowering, and excess control is like a poison, that keeps running all through your veins and till the time you can realise what’s happening, it is enough to destroy the functioning. The focus should always be balance in life.

Social media isn’t a toxic thing till it serves the purpose of keeping the world connected in various forms. People meet online, they connect, some beautiful relationships evolve, some get excess to learning new things and so many beautiful things evolve. There are so many colours in there. Sometimes, social media becomes a perfect companion in lonely times and other time it is just the most pleasing time-pass thing to do.

The other side of social media is a little dark. Getting too much involved into something has never promised to bring positive results. When people use social media more than what they are supposed to, it becomes an addiction. All the productivity declines and sitting with the digital box is the only activity that elucidates the wastage of time and precious moments. Going out in the park, spending time with the family, talking to people in reality are very solid methods of socialisation.

When everything is taken in right dosage, it would benefit the system on a wider perspective. Everything as an activity should be taken in a direction that benefits man-kind. A proper limited or required usage of social media is not going to harm anything in the day. Rather, it is going to contribute as an additional activity. When you know where you need to stop, problems won’t often knock your door. The only time it will is when you go on without validating the limits. Have a control on social media, and do not let social media have a control on you.

So, let social media be an innovation that is a boon for human beings, because if it starts turning out to be a bane, it will lead to major regrets in the future. Make a choice that lies in your favour.