The Prime movie that can change how you look at the "not so acceptable people"?

Are you one of them who just look at the small children begging and it suddenly strikes up your mind that why don't they go and study and what leads them there maybe this is what you are looking for 

This movie will take you on a beautiful but not so beautiful journey about how the not so privileged people are treated in society. This is telling us about five of such people side by side .first  is a widower and how she is exempted from being around colors in her life, all a widower can wear is white well if we look at it in India white is a color of death so, you mean that with one life other also goes we know about the laws now but you can change practice but how will you change the thinking who says it is still not followed in different areas of our country?

Accompanying her is a small girl child with no parents forced to work for a living for paying her fees. faced by the harsh realities of Indian society .then is a transgender who is again under the influence of supremacy of men in our society .a wife who is forced to bring a boy child to life and then her daughters who are not treated nicely just because of their gender and are told to leave schooling .well, how beautiful is this movie imbibing such concepts all in one .these are some underrated pieces of art which are true eye-openers