The essence of meditation

Meditation will help in relaxing and calming the mind, clearing the thoughts and providing the essence of relief that is much required.


The brain is working all the time, don’t you feel that there is a need for it to rest for a while in order to rest and refresh.

We often juggle with mental problems. Essentially, it isn’t required that one has to suffer from depression when mental problems come into discussion. Everyday mental juggles are also challenges faced by ordinary human beings. Every day we wake up with new challenges and struggles. It could be related to work, family or societal. There is pressure, stress and tension that an average human being has to go through almost every single day.

The fact is that we cannot bring a lot of change into what already exists, but we always have an option to improvise and adapt little habits that are responsible for change.

Meditation is actually the process of releasing all of what happened, and focusing on the inner self and how we feel. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to do nothing and that is exactly what meditation is supposed to bring for your mind, just subtleness and calmness. Most of the people do not feel the need to invest a little time in doing things that promotes self-love. They are in need of such practices, but they don’t feel the need to do it. Somewhere, this is lack of self-love and self understanding.

The only thing you need is to take out a couple of minutes from your day, and it would be convenient if it is the morning time when you decide to take-out this spare time from your day. Sit down comfortably, on the mat, or floor, or wherever you feel comfortable. Close your eyes and start eliminating all thoughts. Yes, that is all you need to do. It sounds very simple but isn’t as simple. To not think anything is complicated. For the first few days, it would be hard to meditate in a way you are supposed to, but with regular practice, you will soon get there.

Love yourself a little more and you will understand the real assessment of meditation. Give yourself a break and help your brain recollect all that is to be done for the day. You will feel your best when you have done something that solely benefits you.

Be aware and be conscious!