The hidden view of India from the world

The beauty of India cannot be expressed in words. There are many places in India that will make you fall in love with it's beauty more and more each passing day!
India undoubtedly, is incredible. With people of vast diversities reside here in unison, every festival is equally enjoyed by all of us. The first impression with lush greenery, majestic mountains, glorious sandy beaches and ornated temples. There are some hidden beauties in India. Let's check them out!

India has 5 places, which will make you think twice about is existence - 

1. Karni Mata Mandir, Rajesthan - 

This Mandir located at Rajesthan is famously known as the "Rat Mandir." It is believed that in this holy shrine which was built for Goddess Karni Mata has manifested herself into the rats called kabbas. This shrine is home to about 20,000 rats. Rats here roam around everywhere and they not only sip ilk from the bowls but also eat the prasad which is served to the offerers. As she is highly regarded in this region, killing rats is no less than a crime. One who does this sin has to offer a silver or gold rat to the temple. 

2. Shani Shingapur Mandir, Maharashtra - 

The houses built in this place are built without doors. Can't believe your eyes? This is the shocking fact! The people residing here believe that the deity Shani who resides there will protect the people from the evil eyes. This tradition is followedfrom 350 years and the people residing their have no fear of thefts in their houses. Strange and scary, isn't it?

3.  Channapatna Dog Temple, Karnataka - 

Karnataka is popularly known for the toys it manufactures, right? Then how was a dog temple built there? Well, here we are with the history. In 2010, Kempamma Temple was built by a wealthy businessman to worship goddess Kempamma. One fine day, suddenly, two dogs from that village went missing. That consecutive night, the goddess appeared in the dreams of a villager and asked him to build a temple for the dogs, which will help them to drive out the negativity from the area. Following this, next to this Temple, a dog temple was built by the same businessman. Also, these dogs are honoured every year by the villagers. If you are a dog lover, needless to say, this place should have the topposition in your go - to list.

4. Punsari Village, Gujarat - 

Even when uttering the word - village, the thoughts that mostly comes in our minds are kucha - pukka roads, not well - built houses, foul smelled drainages and what not. But, Punsari Village located at 90 km from Ahemdabad proudly defies all the thoughts. This village is a ideal village. It has all the aminities like 24 hour electricity and water supply, well - constructed roads and what not. In addition to this, there are CCTVs installed in the entire village and there is a good wifi connectivity all around. Even in schools, the classrooms are air - conditioned and fully flourished. Shouldn't this village be a model village for even the cities around?

5. Snake Village, Uttar Pradesh -

None of us are unaware of the fact that the snakes are worshipped by the Hindus. But, have we ever imagined that people keep snakes at their homes as well? Shetpal village, located in Uttar Pradesh is popularly known as the snake village. The snakes kept here are not the local ones, they are Cobras. Kids are let out to play with the Cobras, unattended. Not only this, the cobras enter the schools as well. The most astonishing fact about this is that till date, not even a single person has been bitten by the snakes.