Is it safe to travel again?

For anyone confused about traveling right now

You need to know the Travel restrictions and plans every detail.

The answer is yes, though still not easily. You need to know the Travel restrictions and the following points before making any travel plans during Covid

  • Study which place is safe to stay and then plan to go.
  • Though domestic flights are open in India still try to avoid it and decide such a place where you can reach by your own car.
  • If you are planning to go to other states, then check the travel and quarantine rules before you leave like some places need to show Covid test negative reports.
  • If you are planning to fly, then try to keep your mask on as long as you can.
    Do not use a piece of cloth to cover your nose and mouth, use a proper mask
  • Avoid touching your eyes and mouth too much.
  • Avoid eating and drinking in public areas.
  • Keep liquid hand sanitizer ready to use.
  • Carry essential like medicines supplies, clothes, and any other essential, and make sure it will last till at least 14 days minimum so in case you get quarantine in any of your travel period, you won’t miss on these things.
  • Carry your clothing, accessories, and footwear as per the weather of the to be traveling destination.
  • Carry smartphone sanitizer and universal charger with you to avoid any last-minute shopping.
  • Carry a small first aid box especially when your kids are traveling with you.
  • Don’t forget to carry extra hand sanitizers, masks, disinfectant spray, and sanitizing wipes as well.
  • If possible, try to carry your own food and drink to avoid any public area contacts.
  • Keep at least six feet’s distance at all the security checkpoints like airports.