Ladakh is on the verge of getting depleted but we still have a wild card entry to save it!!

Ladakh - As this word settles in our ears, we start imagining gigantic snowy mountains, crystal clear splendid lakes and unbelieveable scenery. But, can you imagine that this beauty is facing threats from the environment?
This beauty spot, Ladakh is gradually dyig due to the excessive tourist visits and dumping of garbage like bottle and scraps at every tourist spot.

Ladakh is one of the most fascinating tourist spot in our country. But, are you aware about the alarming threats possessed due to the excessive waste disposal and garbage scraps such as plastic wastes and bottles in tourists spots! Studies conducted have shown that near about 3,000,000 plastic bottles are dumped in tourist spot everyday.

As plastic wastes do not decompose easily, they give rise to innumerable environment issues. Moreover, if plastics are tried to burn, they cause lung irritation to the people living in and around the area. They also possess a serious threat to the animals and birds residing there.

Every year, a large number of tourists travel to Ladakh. If the situation is not brought under control, then there is no time left when Ladakh will be called as the "Land of Litters". The place that gives heavenly vibes today, no one would like to even talk about that place tomorrow.

The least we could do to save our beloved tourist spot is that we can reduce the number of trash that is thrown there, maintaining a hygenic and uncontaminated spot.