New Zealand to not permit travelers for the rest of the year!

Due to the discovery of the new strain of Corona Virus, New Zealand is likely to be shut for the entire 2021.
The President of New Zealand has restricted the entry of the newly discovered strain of Corona Visrus, says the danger still looms over!

Due to the pandemic, the entire world was under lockdown for 10 months. Now, when all modes of traveling are being re - opened, a new strain of Corona Virrus has been dicovered. The President of New Zealand fears and plans to restrict the entry of travelers for the year 2021. Any plans of the country are at halt, shifting them is a better alternative.

The President says that the restrictions solely depend upon the vaccination campaign that will run in the country. She is not ready to take any further risks, after the new discoveries. For the year 2020, New Zealand has witnessed almost 2315 cases, with 25 deaths.

However, it has been announced that the tourist bubbles with Australia and Pacific will be under operation. This is the best way to not stop the tourism and not open it completely for the public as well!