Unusual offerings at temples that will leave you amazed!

Offering milk and clothes to the deities in India is a tradition followed from decades. But, would you believe us if we say deities are offered liquor, chocolates and such things at temples? Astonished, right? Check out the temples where these offerings are offered.
India is a land of diversities. With a variety of religions followed all over India, there are various types of offerings made as well. Flowes, modaks, milk, water are some of them. But, have you ever heard of liquor being offered at the temples? Yes, it is true. Lets take a tour onthe various offerings offered at different temples.

The unsual, unique offerings offered at temples all across India are -

1. Munch Murugan Temple, Kerala -

Munch chocolates are offered to the deity by the devotees in this Temple. 300 years ago, once a boy in the village fell sick. When there were no medications working on him, his parents took him to the temple. On reaching there, the boy refused to offer fruits and flowers. Instead, he offered a Munch to the Lord Murugan. His heart melted and the boy's disease was cured moiraculously. From that day onwards, thousands of devotees offer Munch inthe temple, so that their wishes get fulfilled!

2. Azhagar Temple, Tamil Nadu -

This Temple at Tamil Nadu is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, where the Dosas are served as the offerings inside the temple. The dosais are prepared inside the temple by the raw ingredients brought by the devotees like white and black rice and urad dal. Later, the dosas are distributed as Prashads to the devotees.

3. Brahma Baba Temple, Uttar Pradesh -

Clocks are offered by the devotees in this temple. The story takes us 30 years back when a man, who wanted to become a diver came to this temple. When his wish was granted, he offered a clock at the temple. From that time, there are hundreds of devotees lined up everyday with clocks in their hands. The more shocking fact is that there are no priests or security guards at the Temple.

4.Mahadev Temple, Kerela - 

Kerela is known to have the highest literacy rate in India. So, the traditions are followed at the temple as well. There is a distribution of DVDs, textbooks and study material in the form of prashad to the devotees.

5. Kaal Bhairav Temple, Madhya Pradesh - 

Talking about the general scenarios, the liquor shop set ups are prohibited miles away from the Temples. But, at Kaal Bhairav Temple,the devotees purchase liquor from the shops established just outside and the priest offers it to the idol inside the temple. Later, the devotees are givesn liqour inthe form of prashaad. Unique, isn't it?