Visit these unique places in India before they disappear!

None of us is unaware of the diversified beauty India posses. We plan to go there someday or the other. But what if the unique places present today are not there tomorrow? Check out these place in the article!
Are you a travel freak? If yes, then you should not skip these places at any cost!

There are places in India, that are irresistable to miss out. Have a look at them and get your bags ready!

1.  Rakhigarhi, Haryana -

The Rakhigarhi village in Hryana is an archeologist's dream. This is one of the towns from the Indus Valley Civilization and ismuch largerthan any of the sites found in Harppa and Mohenjodaro. Duet o the lack of maintainance by the Government, the boundary walls have degraded and the locals steal the srtifacts and sell them to the interested people.

2. Sundarbans, West Bengal -

Sundarbans located at West Bengal is a home to the famous endagered Benga Tigers as well as to the huge mangroove trees. Due to the persistent impact of Global Warming, this incredible natural wonder is soon feared to be a history.

3. Rama Setu, Tamil Nadu -

Rama Setu at Tamil Nadu is a chain of limestone shoals that connects Dhanushkodi in India and Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. This is said to be built by the Vanar Sena of Rama. Unfortunately, the Government is planning to excecute a project, causing a threat to this wonder of nature..

4. Coral Reef, Lakshadweep -

Lakshdweep, one of the places in India where the tourists are mostly attracted to, has its best feature at stake. The snokreling at the island is endagered due to the excessively increased coral mining, blast fishing and such factors. Increasing global warming is also one of the most dreadful cause of the depleting beauty.

5. Majuli, Assam -

Majuli, a place at Assam has athe largest river island, which unfortunately is shrinking.This island is a home to a variety of animals such as tigers, deers, snake, rabits and different kinds of birds. Due to deforestation, this beauty is shrinking, which is the most unfortunate thing. This Island is said to cease within 15 - 20 years.