14 arrested in recent petrol bomb attack incidents in Tamil Nadu


Shortly after three petrol bombs were thrown into RSS worker MS Krishnan's house on Saturday evening, Madurai Police Commissioner T Senthil Kumar announced on Monday that one more person had been apprehended for throwing petrol bombs. In this case, two people were arrested. However, due to a recent string of such instances, a total of 14 people were apprehended in separate incidents around the state.

"Another arrest has been made for throwing a petrol bomb at RSS activist Krishnan's house in Madurai on September 24," Madurai CP T Senthil Kumar said, according to news agency ANI. And, according to Tamil Nadu DGP Sylendra Babu, 14 persons have been arrested and 11 cases have been filed in connection with kerosene bomb occurrences in Tamil Nadu.

According to RSS worker Krishnan, 20 sangh workers have been attacked in Tamil Nadu thus far.

A petrol bomb was thrown at the residence of RSS leader Seetharaman house in Chitlapakkam on Saturday, the fourth such incident in three days. The incident caused no injuries.

Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu BJP wrote to Home Minister Amit Shah regarding the state's escalating attacks on BJP and RSS activists.