Prachand: Here’s everything you need to know about India-Made light combat helicopters inducted the Indian Airforce


The Indian Air Force on Monday introduced the first batch of indigenous manufactured Light Combat Helicopters, known as Prachand, which are equipped with a variety of missile and other armaments.

Rajnath Singh referred to the occasion as "a landmark milestone reflecting India's capability in defence production."

The Light Combat Helicopter (LCH), created by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL), a state-owned aerospace company, was primarily intended for use in high-altitude environments. At a ceremony in Jodhpur, it was admitted into the IAF in the presence of Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

The name of the helicopter, Prachand, was revealed by the Defence Minister.

The Indian Army and Indian Air Force's attack helicopter formations will be built on the light combat helicopter during the next years. The 5.8-ton, twin-engine helicopter has successfully passed a number of weapon fire tests, according to the officials.


Although we also have the American Apache helicopter, which is bigger and probably more competent, this one serves a particular purpose, especially during missions at extremely high altitudes where it can transport a substantial payload. The chopper's design is wholly indigenous to India. It satisfies an Indian necessity and is an Indian integration.

Over Ladakh, the helicopter has been tested. It has air-to-air missiles that can destroy Chinese drones. Using air to surface anti tank weapons, it can even destroy tanks that are on the ground.

To the Indian Army will go 95 of these helicopters. A few others have already enlisted. Around 65 will also join the Indian Air Force. The initial allocation for the Indian Air Force was in excess of 3,500 crore, making this a tremendously expensive undertaking. As approval is granted, the price will gradually be updated. As future versions of this helicopter are created, that sanction will be granted over time.

The LCH and the Advanced Light Helicopter Dhruv are comparable. According to the officials, it boasts several stealth characteristics, armoured protection systems, night assault capability, and crash-worthy landing gear for improved survivability. 

It has the necessary agility, manoeuvrability, extended range, high altitude performance, and all-weather combat capacity to carry out a variety of tasks, including as counter-insurgency (CI), destruction of enemy air defence (DEAD), and combat search and rescue (CSAR) operations.