Santokh Singh Sukh, father of Shehnaz Gill receives death threat, files complaint


Santokh Singh Sukh, actor Shehnaaz Gill's father, complained on Saturday about recent threats to kill him made by a person going by the name of Happy, who said they would do it before Diwali.

Santokh Singh Sukh told ANI, "I think they want to target me because I am a Hindu leader."


"If I continue to feel uncomfortable, I will leave Punjab and move to Chandigarh or Mumbai. I'd leave Punjab if no arrests are made in a few days,” Sukh said.


According to Amritsar's Superintendent of Police (SP), Jaswant Kaur, his complaint has been received, and security has been given to him.

She added that a thorough investigation would be conducted into the situation. Twitter user ANI posted: "His grievance has been acknowledged. He already has two shooters, and today a third shooter has been delivered. We'll track down the call, and a complete investigation will be carried out: Amritsar SP Jaswant Kaur.”