#BREAKING: TMC Leader Mahua Moitra Files Plea in Supreme Court Challenging Lok Sabha Expulsion

Justice SK Kaul-led Bench Defers Decision, Refers Matter to Chief Justice of India
  • #BREAKING: Mahua Moitra, TMC leader, challenges Lok Sabha expulsion in Supreme Court.
  • Justice SK Kaul defers decision, suggests CJI intervention in the matter.
  • Legal battle unfolds as Mahua Moitra seeks justice over recent parliamentary expulsion.

In a significant development, Trinamool Congress Party (TMC) leader Mahua Moitra has taken her recent expulsion from the Lok Sabha to the Supreme Court, filing a plea before a bench led by Justice SK Kaul.

During the hearing, Justice Kaul opted not to make a decision at this stage, highlighting the complexity of the matter. Instead, he referred the plea to the Chief Justice of India (CJI), emphasizing that the ultimate decision rests with the CJI.

This legal move by Mahua Moitra marks a pivotal moment in her quest for justice following her expulsion from the Lok Sabha. The plea challenges the grounds and circumstances surrounding her removal, and the Supreme Court's involvement introduces a new chapter in what is expected to be a closely watched legal battle.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the decision now rests in the hands of the Chief Justice of India, setting the stage for further deliberation on the intricacies of Mahua Moitra's expulsion and its conformity with constitutional principles. The #BREAKING news amplifies the significance of this development, drawing attention to the intersection of politics and judiciary as the legal system grapples with the complexities of parliamentary actions and their repercussions.