"Zelenskyy Extends Gratitude and Proposes Defense Collaboration in Meeting with US Leaders"

"Ukrainian President Seeks Closer Ties with US Defense Industry, Advocates for a European Defense Hub in Ukraine"

  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy expresses gratitude to US defense companies and workers in a video shared on Twitter.
  • Proposal for a European defense hub in Ukraine presented during the US-Ukraine defense industry conference.
  • Zelenskyy advocates joint production of artillery ammo, air defense systems, and artillery and missile systems for mutual benefit.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy took to Twitter to share a video capturing a significant meeting with US President and leaders of US defense companies. In the video, Zelenskyy extends his gratitude to every American worker involved in manufacturing weapons that contribute to safeguarding the Ukrainian people and defending their land.

During the meeting, Zelenskyy appreciates the participation of American companies in the recent US-Ukraine defense industry conference. He emphasizes the importance of the collaboration between the two nations in the defense sector and expresses gratitude for the support extended by the United States.

In a forward-looking proposal, Zelenskyy puts forth the idea of establishing a European defense hub in Ukraine. He conveys Ukraine's readiness to streamline decision-making processes, reduce bureaucratic obstacles, and allocate orders efficiently. The Ukrainian President asserts their preparedness to scale up production, specifically in the areas of ammunition and military vehicles, highlighting the need for collaborative support.

Zelenskyy's vision goes beyond individual achievements, as he calls for joint production initiatives, including artillery ammo, air defense systems, and artillery and missile systems. This collaborative effort, he believes, has the potential to create more job opportunities, enhance strength, and provide mutual benefits for both nations involved.

The proposal reflects Zelenskyy's commitment to fostering strong partnerships in the defense industry, leveraging the capabilities of both Ukraine and the United States. As the dialogue progresses, the possibility of a European defense hub in Ukraine could signify a new chapter in transatlantic collaboration, contributing to the shared security interests of the two nations.